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We make thought provoking research


Video-storytelling about consumers’ lives and behaviors


We combine research with film-making to bring the real life consumer in the middle of your boardroom. Our secret weapons: we recruit based on a pen-portrait procedure, we spend a lot of time with our subjects until we become good friends, we capture them on tape using professional filming equipment and interviewing skills, we select the most relevant parts out of the many hours of raw footage.  In the end, we produce a consumer documentary worthy of a TV channel.

consumer olympics
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We came up with a methodology wonderfully fit for the marketeers’ demand of walking into consumers’ shoes

We make you face your consumers through a set of customized challenges. That could mean a room-raider session: you “raid” consumers’ homes while they are away, sketch their portrait during a 4-hour workshop, and at the end of the day you get to meet the real people. Or the challenge might be to address our consumers by really selling them something. Finally, we could have a family adopt you for a couple of days. And so on… Everything is captured on camera so you can watch and analyze during the final workshop.

whys.ro - Thought provoking research
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We facilitate brand activation or generating ideas


Resources could vary from bringing along consumers to help us, to going together on the field for getting inspiration or having a team of specialists help us (advertisers, artists, designers, community leaders).

whys.ro - Thought provoking research
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For concept testing, ad assessment or business-to-business investigations, we put a 10-year long experience to use

We tend to re-invent this good-old research, so you will be seeing us making up board-games for interviews or setting up theatrical conflicts for some of our focus-groups.

Our Clients

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Whys is a consumer interaction agency

We facilitate meaningful dialogues and true human connections between marketeers and consumers

We make thought provoking research – lively information that becomes viral in your company

Thought Provokers

Andrei has spent 10 years doing qualitative research in corporate and local companies.

He established the first Ethnography Centre in Romania and opened up a new niche – he uses film-making resources for doing research.

As the founder of Whys, his mission is to create true human connections between marketeers and consumers, with the use of visual arts and gamification.

Andrei Niculae


Ana is a visual artist, photographer and designer.

Her input is crucial for our presentation design.

She also acts as a second camera wing-man, whenever we carry more complex endeavors
(such as Consumer Olympics, for example)

Ana Georgescu


Cosmin has a solid background in filming and editing.

He owns a visual studio and puts his knowledge and equipment to good use when going on the field to put on tape consumers’ lives.

Cosmin Constantin


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